Welcome to My Online Museum

Welcome to YOUR Online Museum. My Online Museum is a place where you can discover and share heritage and history. My Online Museum is designed to catalogue and make accessible history and heritage from around the world, no matter how big or small. We help users to discover and create their own personalised museum and galleries, holding items that are important to them. Our users are also able to share their creations with friends, family and the world!


My Online Museum is built around the idea of creating and sharing interesting and great history from around the world. It is quick and easy to upload items once you have registered your free account. Just login and click on the Add Item button then add a picture and as much information as you can (people will like your item much more if it comes with lots of interesting information). If you have several items that you would like to keep together you can create a gallery to keep them in. You can find all items that you have previously uploaded, as well as any galleries you have created, in your very own museum space.


The Museum also lets members and visitors to simply browse and learn about the rich and diverse collection of items on the site. Visitors can explore the extensive galleries of objects that make up the museum’s displays. Galleries explore themes such as art, military history, buildings and archaeology. You can also discover the ever changing museum and user created exhibitions that provide more in depth information on important and interesting topics. These include things like a specific historical site, event, person or art form.


If you feel inspired to add to the displays at My Online Museum, or create an entire exhibition of your own from scratch, then exploring your local historical and archaeological sites is the best way to start. Simply by going out taking pictures, and gathering information on sites in your local area or further a field, you can make your own contribution to the displays on My Online Museum, and inspire others to do the same! You can find out more information about interesting things in your area by using the search function on My Online Museum.